The all-in-one intra-city travel app is here. Whether you need a taxi, an auto, a bike taxi, a rental car or information about public transit, Instago has it all.

Tired of shuffling between taxi apps? Don’t know what your ride will cost or if there is a quicker option nearby? That’s precisely why we built Instago.

We envision a world in which, you, as a customer should always know about all your transport options at the touch of a button, from any city to any city, and within any city around the world.

That’s our big idea behind Instago. Try it out for yourself and feel the difference.

Search. Compare. Go.

4. Ride List Filter
4A. Date & Time Picker
4B. Ride List Filter-Not All FIelds Input Yet
5C. Fares

Why Instago?

This will be the only travel app you will need. With multiple features packed in, Instago will allow you to choose amongst multiple modes of transportation on the basis of price, ETA or trip duration.

It is now easy to do this comparison in a matter of seconds, all on one screen. What’s more, apart from just comparison Instago facilitates booking of various modes from within the app itself.

4. Ride List Filter
Never Feel Lost

Always have upto date information about modes of transport around you. Instago works across major cities all across India and the US currently.

Share ETA

Share your location and live ETA with your loved ones, from within the app itself. You can do this while you are in the metro or traveling in an auto or a taxi.

Real-time Information

Always have real-time information for whether it is for app based providers or public transit agencies.

Ease of Use

Just enter your From and To locations and see the magic happen. Book your trip in a matter of a few seconds.

What Surge?

Don't fall prey to surge pricing. Always know other modes of transport available to you and get upfront transparent fares.


View all promotions from transport providers and other offline merchants in one consolidated place.

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